Fully Automated production planning

with an orchestrated End-to-End planning system

Learn how a leading manufacturer of precision plastic parts and molds in Germany replaced their manual planning chaos in Excel with fully automated sequence planning… in just 8 weeks!

Despite the widespread discussion about "Industry 4.0", 99% of medium and large sized production companies are still trying to manage their detailed planning with Excel. However, this succeeds marginally at best because of the sheer impossibility of calculating the constantly changing minutiae of intricately interwoven and nested processes using only Excel and mental arithmetic.
The results are non-synchronous production processes, which cause long lead times, high inventory levels and poor delivery reliability.

That was also the initial situation at Horst Scholz GmbH, a well-known manufacturer of precision plastic parts. To produce a single mold, it was necessary to plan (schedule) hundreds of processes - some of which ran parallel. The capacity of the human brain to create optimal sequence planning in such a case is not feasible, even with the help of Excel.
In just 8 weeks, Horst Scholz GmbH switched from manual planning in Excel to fully automated planning with Asprova’s orchestrated end-to-end APS system.

Valuable practical Know-How using the example of Horst Scholz GmbH:
Read about:

  • the challenges management faced at Scholz GmbH
  • a step-by-step account of how Asprova APS was integrated into their existing IT infrastructure
  • and how:
    • 100% synchronized sequence planning significantly reduced the lead time
    • simulations for medium and long-term planning in various scenarios were used to e.g. adjust capacities or plan investments
    • overall efficiency and thus the operating results greatly improved